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...Group (PI Group) was established in 1984. PI Group has 8 subsides of which the main ones are Paper Point, Yamuna Paper Products, Vipin Paper Agencies and Paper Agent. The PI Group has 4 offices and several warehouse to cover the geography of the Indian market.  The group has distribution rights to some of the key manufactures in the paper industries of India like BILT, JK Paper Ltd, Century Pulp & Paper and West Coast Paper Mill Ltd to name a few. PI Group through its subsidies supplies paper and paper board to leading converters, industrial users, printers and publishers. In 2018 PI group started the supply of chemical, adhesives, ink, aluminum foil and polyester making it an ideal one-point contact for all packaging solution. In 2019 the group started the supply of betel nuts to diversify its portfolio.

PI Group believes in upholding work ethics, aspire to be a responsible partner and place mutual benefit in center of all the dealing with stakeholders.



Welcome to our website. When it comes to paper trading, we realize that you have many options. We are confident that our experience and reputation as an industry leader makes us an excellent choice for all of your paper needs. At Paper India, we believe in excellence customer service, accuracy, professionalism and accountability. You can rest assured that the above principles coupled with our unique operations system will give you the peace of mind you deserve—knowing we have your paper needs covered. We believe that doing business with our company is doing business with family—you will never be a number but rather an important part of our community. We work hard to get to personally understand each of our client’s unique needs and deliver services tailored to meet those needs. Let us introduce you to a new way of doing business— let us amaze you.

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